Pokemon GO: Tips to Succeed in Ninjask Raid Battle

Niantic has introduced its exclusive Bug Out event for all the Pokemon GO fans to defeat a series of different Bug-type Bosses.

 Amongst the list of different Bug-type Bosses, Ninjask is considerably one of the most challenging bosses; still, skilled trainers can defeat this pocket monster individually without taking any of their friend’s support.

Pokemon GO: Tips to Succeed in Ninjask Raid Battle

For the Tier 4 raids, Ninjask is the Raid Boss which players will have to face during the Bug Out event. In regular Raid challenges, Pokemon trainers mostly require one or two of their friends to participate alongside to defeat the raid boss, but in the case of Ninjask Raid Battle players can beat this Bug-type beast single-handedly.

Certain specific moveset with a reliable Pokemon team can ensure the victory against the Ninjask Raid Boss. One of the critical factors which would help Pokemon trainers to ensure granted win id the Weather Boost, as certain Pokemon have a tendency use their surrounding environment and boost up their stats which helps in dealing immense damage to the enemies.

The ultimate counter for the Ninjask Raid Boss Pokemon is the Rampardos who is immune to most of the attacks used by Ninjask. Moreover, Rampardos has moves like Rock Slide and Smack Down which is deadly against the Ninjask.

If a Pokemon trainer brings alongside a team of fully equipped Rampardos, then they can ensure to successfully defeat the Ninjask Raid Boss by laying down devastating moves like Rock Slide and Smack Down.

 Although Rampardos Pokemon can be a game changer Pokemon and help in easily defeat the Raid Boss, still if any player who has not yet cough a Rampardos have some other less effective alternative Pokemon to choose from in order to beat this Bug Out events Raid Boss.

Pokemon trainers who are looking forward to defeating the Ninjask Raid Boss individually can refer to the list of Pokemon that they should include in their team and make sure to attain victory against this monster.

  • Tyranitar: Smack Down and Rock Slide move.
  • Rampardos: Rock Slide and Smack Down moves.
  • Moltres: Sky Attack and Fire Spin move.
  • Regirock: Stone Edge and Rock Throw move.
  • Omastar: Rock Slide and Rock Throw move.
  • Golem: Stone Edge and Rock Throw moves.
  • Heatran: Stone  Edge and Fire Spin moves.
  • Rayquaza: Ancient Power and Air Slash move.
  • Rhyperior: Stone Edge and Smack Down moves.

Pokemon trainers can assemble the best team for their use by including the above mentioned Pokemon in their team as the Rock, and Fire-type Pokemon can completely annihilate the Bug Type Pokemon.

So try to include such Pokemon which have Rock and Fire-type moves to ensure single-handed victory against the Ninjask Raid Boss. Some additional honorable mentions are listed below to suggest some more alternative Pokemon that could be included in trainers playing team to defeat the Raid Boss.

  • Melmetal: Uses Rock Slide and Thunder Shock move.
  • Entei: Overheat and Fire Spin moves
  • Sudowoodo: Uses Rock Slide and Rock Throw moves.
  • Electivire: Wild Charge and Thunder Shock moves.
  • Mamoswine: Uses Ancient Power and Powder Snow moves.

Selecting the right Pokemon is the key for winning any Pokemon Battle, so players should plan ahead and form up their best team before challenging the Ninjask Raid Boss.

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