How to Use Gmail in iPhone Mail

If you put Gmail as your iPhone mail, then all the messages will move to iPhone mail, and you can read all your Gmail messages on your iPhone mail. Now you don’t have to open your Gmail to reply to your emails, chatting with your colleagues, mailing a mail you can do this now on iPhone mail. Following are the steps of using Gmail into iPhone mail go through it and know how it can be done.

How to use Gmail in iPhone Mail with IMAP?

•    Check whether IMAP is turned on or not for your Gmail account.

•    Press Settings gave on the Front page of your iOS device.

•    Click Passwords and Accounts option.

•    Click Add Account option.

•    Select Google.

  • Enter your Gmail ID, the account you like to insert on it near the Log in option with Google ID.
  • Press Next.
  • After that, enter the Gmail secured password.
  • Click Next.

How to Avoid Getting Duplicate Text You Mail from Your iPhone Mail?

You will see all the duplicates of your messages received from your iPhone mail which is linked by your Gmail account. This will be an excellent option to put it into a spam message or remove it from there.

You will need to turn off the “current” mode of Gmail to stop getting these repeated messages, and this way can be used when you don’t use your Gmail ID from other mailing application or smartphone on the similar period.

How to use Google Applications Gmail ID in your iPhone mail?

  • Confirm POP is turned off by the Google application or Gmail ID.
  • Click Settings option which is situated on the front page of iPhone users.
  • Press Password and Account options.
  • Click Others.
  • Confirm POP is chosen or not.
  • Write full name into the Name column.
  • Type your Gmail or Google applications ID.
  • Enter Google applications given in the Description option.
  • Click on the option of Incoming and Outgoing mail service.
  • After that, press Save.

How to use Gmail in iPhone Mail 5 with IMAP?

  • Ensure IMAP should be turned off in Gmail ID.
  • Press settings on your first desktop.
  • Open Email, Phonebook, Calendars.
  • Click Add Account option.
  • Select Google Mail option.
  • Write your name.
  • Write your Gmail ID.
  • Type your Gmail protected password.
  • Enter Gmail in the Description option.
  • Click Next.
  • Confirm Enable is chosen for iPhone Mail.
  • To add events or important dates in your calendar and all the bookmarks which are from the Notes application in your given Gmail ID, enable it on your calendar settings.
  • Click the Save button.
  • Tap on the Home tab, so that you come on the front page.

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